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God's grace does not destroy or distort our human nature, but rather heals, elevates, and perfects it.
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  • "I know it's late but I wasn't able to tell Deacon Harold how much he made a difference in my life over the last four days. Explaining the structure, meaning and unity of the Holy Family, and how the family and the Eucharist relates to every human being and every family, combined with the importance of connecting and communicating with Jesus and the Holy family through Adoration was truly life changing." Attendee, Parish Mission, Immaculate Heart of Mary (Kelso, WA), August, 2014
  • "Thank you and Fr. Brian so very much for the Priests and Deacons series on EWTN; I have been learning much about the priesthood and deacons. I grew up with wonderful priests and appreciate them even more thanks to your wonderful series!!! EWTN and your program are truly a blessing to Roman Catholic Christians everywhere! May God continue to bless you in your ministry that others may learn more about God and His clergymen's calling! Thank you for sharing God's word with us!" EWTN Viewer, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, July, 2014
  • "You rocked the house with your homily in today's Mass on EWTN!! Your words went straight to my heart. Just amazing. You are gifted. Thank you!! :)" EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "Burning it up, preaching at Mass on EWTN. Everyone needs to hear it. Awesome!" EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "Just catching up on my DVR of your homily today and I must say: absolutely amazing! You really hit it on the head with all of the issues of disengaged members of the Church and those who don't make Mass personal. I was completely moved by your words and watched it twice! Thank you for being a Deacon and a passionate member of the Catholic Church." EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "I was just watching you on EWTN and you knocked my socks off!! I thought you were very inspiring and passionate. You spoke of Dads & Moms talking to their Priests and hoping our children follow our Catholic faith. You gave a few informative history lessons on St. Athanasius and what consubstantial means. It was a touching and learning experience for me." EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "Just wanted to say that I heard you preach on EWTN today and I was Yelling: "AMEN" out loud! You are an Amazing Witness to God's Amazing Love for His People. Thank You for your 'Yes' to God. He is using you to touch millions!! Thank You for not being afraid, to Feed His Sheep. Keep going Deacon, Keep going! It's so refreshing to hear a Brave Speaker of the Word of God and to serve us 'Meat and Potatoes' and not just 'fluff.' You fed me today. Thank You." EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "Thank you for speaking the Truth about Our Lord Jesus Christ. We were glued to the Mass today, especially during the Homily. I know the Holy Spirit gave you the wisdom to speak like that." EWTN Viewer, EWTN via Facebook, May, 2014
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for coming to Land O' Lakes, Florida for our mission. You inspired me to be a better Dad, better husband, a better inspired me to also leave my fate in the hands of GOD....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" John, Parish Mission Attendee (via Facebook), Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, Land O' Lakes, FL, April, 2014
  • "I want to let you know that last night, after CCD, my girls got in the car and they were both thrilled riveted with the Deacon's talk. They said it was the single best talk they both have experienced. WOW! I was so beyond happy and impressed to see they were collectively interested in everything he had to say. A thousand thank you's." Parent, Parish Mission, St. Catherine of Siena, March, 2014
  • "I caught your presentation on Reconciliation on EWTN last evening. I thought I would drop you a line to let you know I was inspired and in awe of your passion and fire for our Lord." Deacon Ken, EWTN Viewer, March, 2014
  • "We had the privilege of seeing Deacon Harold today in Brighton, Michigan - I just want to say "Thank you." I felt we could relate to Deacon like no other speaker I've heard or seen. What a Blessing it was to have such an awesome guide to help draw my husband and I closer to God today!!!!" Attendee, Marriage Enrichment Conference, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Brighton, MI, February, 2014
  • "I saw this for the first time last night and was absolutely blown away by the intellectual and spiritual aspects of this program. It is so well down and well thought out that the truth of the teaching leaves you speechless. I only wish that this were taught from the mountain tops to the whole world without being abashed. EXCELLENT!!" Phil, EWTN Viewer, 'Authentically Free at Last' on EWTN, February, 2014
  • "Thank you Deacon Harold for the talk on Sunday night. My girlfriend and I have been trying to immerse ourselves in the Bible and we both agreed that you taught us more about our faith and God in those first two pages of Genesis than we have gotten out of everything we've read. I must say you have really lit a fire in our hearts for our faith." Attendee, Young Adult Night, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, January, 2014
  • "Words cannot express how pleased I was of your challenging message which you shared so joyfully and courageously with the people of Sacred Heart! " Fr. Peter DiMaria, Pastor, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, December, 2013
  • "I am a 20-year old Catholic man and I wanted to thank you for [your DVD] about the awesome glory of the Mass and what it all means. God used this to blow my mind because no one taught me what all the parts of the Mass actually meant. As a result, I have been able to teach others. This knowledge brings relevance and reality to peoples lives. The Mass is a conversation but we must understand what we are saying and what God, through His Church, is saying to us. Please keep doing what you're doing. We all need it so desperately." University Student, via Facebook, July, 2013
  • "I loved the Men`s Spirituality Conference you did here in Lubbock, TX, at Our Lady of Guadalupe....THANK YOU for helping me understand more clearly how to live as a man of God!!" Mike, Attendee, Men's Conference, Texas, April, 2013
  • "I just wanted to tell you how much I have loved viewing the series 'Authentically Free At Last.' This show is so inspiring. Gloria, Deacon Harold and Damon explain our faith in the most beautiful way. I literally could listen to them for hours. This is the best show I have seen all year. I pray the three of them will have future projects in the works with EWTN. I truly have been evangelized by them and feel myself growing stronger in my Catholic faith." Terri, EWTN Viewer, 'Authentically Free at Last' on EWTN, April, 2013
  • "Got home after an awesome presentation at church by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. It really reminded me about why I am Catholic, and why I believe that it is the one true Church." Andy, Oregon, Attendee, Parish Presentation, March, 2013
  • "I was present at the talk you gave and just wanted to convey how very much I appreciated your gifts of time and information. You used a no nonsense approach and humor to get a message across that, for me, just opened up a whole new world. I am a recent convert and I continually search out information on this Faith that I have accepted as my own so that I can live a life more acceptable to our Lord. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your eye and heart-opening discourse. Looking forward to another visit from you!!!!!" Holly, Oregon, Attendee, Parish Presentation, March, 2013
  • "I just heard you on a Catholic Answers podcast. You are amazing. Keep up the good work. You are changing lives." Mike, Radio Listener, Catholic Answers Live, January, 2013
  • "My fiancÚ and I were present at your talks in Perth, Western Australia. We wanted to thank you for your inspirational lecture. As a result of your lectures and studying John Paul II's Theology of the Body presented by Christopher West, our relationship has changed forever. We have a greater and deeper appreciation for each other. We want to carry out the Theology of the Body in our everyday life as we are getting married in a few months. When we get married, we have decided to use Natural Family Planning instead of contraception. " Attendees, Western Australia, Year of Faith Tour (Perth, Australia), December, 2012
  • "For a man who once turned his back on his faith, it is remarkable the power and effect of the men's conference--where you spoke--has had on my Life. I mention this to speak to the power of your ministry. If there ever comes a time that you wonder if anyone is listening, please know that your words are being heard, and the Holy Spirit is working in your audience's lives." Dan, Texas, EWTN Viewer, October, 2012
  • "Just spent the weekend at the Marion Conference in Sparks, Nevada at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Deacon Harold, you made the conference the best I have attended yet. Awesome, Inspiring, Thought Provoking, Realization of our Catholicism. Don't know how many more adjectives I can think of. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You were truly loved down here in lil 'ol Nevada!" Michelle, Attendee, 7th Annual Northern Nevada Eucharistic and Marian Conference, October, 2012
  • "Your show 'Behold the Man' on EWTN has been a tremendous inspiration for me! I watch every episode, and have truly taken great steps in my own faith as a result of your speaking. Thank you for letting God work so strongly through you! " Kevin, Illinois, EWTN Viewer, August, 2012
  • "I read and re-read 'The Mass in Sacred Scripture' by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and it is now one of the most important books in my library. In one word it is 'EXCELLENT' every Catholic should get a copy and read it often!" Joe Gable, Retired, The Deacon Heart's Blog, August, 2012
  • "I need to say a big 'thank you' for helping us have Deacon Harold for the young adult retreat!! Wow, it was the most wonderful, awesome, and beautiful thing ever. It hardly seemed real!! God is so good. Thank you!! What a blessing. :-) :-)" Christina DeGoede, Olympia, WA,Young Adult Catholic Retreat Coordinator, August, 2012
  • "You are an amazing vessel of God!! Your homilies and talks are so powerful and full of so much love for God!! You have such passion for our Lord and you are truly an inspiration and great model in this crazy mixed up world!!! I could only hope for some of your passion for our Lord. I am learning and growing, and want to passionately love our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit like you do!! Thanks for what you do for our Catholic Faith!!!" Sonia, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, July, 2012
  • "I just have to tell you I find you such an amazing person. GOD has truly blessed you and the rest of the world when we all hear you preach the Gospel. So thank you Deacon Harold. You are truly amazing! [...] Honestly, this was my first time ever having heard you speak (I just discovered EWTN!!) and I have to say I was A-M-A-Z-E-D!!!! I got chills listening to this homily - way to bring it home to all!!" Denise & Tanya, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, July, 2012
  • "Deacon convicted my heart and mind. He gave me confidence in the Catholic faith like no other speaker ever has. Please bring him back, I want more of Deacon Harold!" Sara, Attendee, Defending Our Faith Conference, July, 2012
  • "Thank you for everything you did in Jacksonville!!! It was everything I needed to hear. You are a gift from the Holy Spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! [...] Thank you so much for coming to Jacksonville. I went to confession after a long time. Thanks! [...] Deacon, Thanks for coming to Jacksonville for the Florida Men's Conference ... you are an inspiration!! " Attendees, Next Level Catholic Men's Conference (Jacksonville, FL) via Facebook,Florida Catholic Men, May, 2012
  • "Thank you for visiting Holy Spirit Parish this weekend. Your Homily was so energizing and inspiring. It was wonderful to see how my teenagers reacted as well. My youngest told me she usually tunes out and doesn't pay attention, but not today! My older daughter said that she wanted to shout out loud her agreement, but was afraid to look silly. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with us. Please come back." Parishioner, Fresno, CA, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, April, 2012
  • "Thank you for a terrific talk last night. I know how gifted you are as a speaker yet I am awed each time by your thorough knowledge of the topic and the enthusiasm and energy you bring to the subject. It is always a privilege to have you speak at a Garaventa Center event." Jamie Powell, Director, Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Life and American Culture, February, 2012
  • "Your presence with us was a tremendous gift from God--touching young and old alike. We cannot begin to tell you how very much your powerful presentations affected the youth who were present at the conference. Many of our young people have shared glowing comments on how much your passion, zeal, and message had a profound effect upon them. They love your ardent style and the clear, precise way in which you 'teach' the truths of Holy Mother Church. Your conference talks were both insightful and delivered with unequaled enthusiasm. " Pat Borba, CCMEC Coordinator, Central California Marian Eucharistic Conference, January, 2012
  • "I recently had the joyful pleasure of hearing you preach three homilies on the EWTN Daily Mass. Your God-inspired words went right to my heart. In hearing you preach so powerfully, I was reminded that there are diverse gifts given by God. Yours is preaching the Word! You have helped me fight my addiction to alcohol and I realize now that every day is a precious gift." Ted, Delaware, EWTN Viewer, December, 2011
  • "You possess obvious gifts and you use them beautifully. The Spirit has touched you in conspicuous ways, and I thank your for sharing the real treasures of our Faith. " Paul J. Voss, Ph.D., President, Ethikos, September, 2011
  • "Your talks were wonderful and very inspiring!!" Dr. Lawrence Feingold, S.T.D., Attendee, NACFLM International Conference, Institute for Pastoral Theology, Ave Maria University, August, 2011
  • "I attended Deacon Harold's 'Armour of Love' presentation at Singapore Management University [in 2010] and thought it was relevant to how married life is in Singapore. I was so interested that I came again when I found out there were a series of talks Deacon Harold was giving. His passion for married life is exemplary and there were a lot of things we learned from his talks." Alan Yong, Beijing, China, Church of Divine Mercy, May, 2011
  • "Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers stole the show. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I've heard him on EWTN before explain Scripture and was fine ... but he passionately hammered on everything from contraception to liturgical abuses. I honestly got a bit choked up at that point. These kinds of conferences can be watered down, but Deacon was on fire [...] This talk made the conference. " Matt K., Attendee, 2011 Men of Christ Conference (Milwaukee), April, 2011
  • "I wanted to share with you that a young couple in the parish who attended the Parish Mission are expecting a new baby!!! They had one child and she had been on birth control. After hearing you speak they decided that they needed to stop contracepting and they couldn't be happier." Parish Mission Attendee, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, March, 2011
  • "I just want to say your speech at the Men of Christ Conference was amazing and moving. It was one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard in my life." Derek, Conference Attendee (via Facebook), Men of Christ Conference Milwaukee, February, 2011
  • "I have NEVER EVER been so impressed with a speaker as I was with you. WOW! The Holy Spirit is alive and well in you. You were wonderful and so immensely inspiring. You gave me hope. God has smiled on you and given you great gifts. " Ken, Conference Attendee, Men of Christ Conference Milwaukee, February, 2011
  • "Listened to you on [Catholic Answers Live] ... I'm grateful for Catholic radio, and I'm grateful for your awesome teaching and preaching gifts." Leon Suprenant, Coeditor and Contributing Author, 'Catholic for a Reason' Series, Director of Catechesis and Program Development, School of Faith, January, 2011
  • "Thank you for your inspired words, and the thoughts that you've shared with the men of Phoenix the last three years. You have helped inspire me to recapture my manhood, and my masculinity, and given me an example to follow as I lead my family to Christ." Charles, Conference Attendee (via Facebook), Catholic Men's Fellowship of Phoenix, January, 2011
  • "After Mass this morning four people asked to enter the Catholic Church! Fr. Christopher said that the Holy Spirit was working through Deacon Harold. Fr. Christopher went straight to the Adoration Chapel after the four people had talked to him and gave thanks. The Deacon was awesome. He was just perfect for us. Everyone was so enthused by his talks. I can't thank you both enough." Received via Third Millennium Media from the Union County (Oregon) Theological Conference, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, October, 2010
  • "Thank you again for your outstanding gift to us this past weekend. The men were blessed by your preaching of the Truth. I could see a lot of hearts being pierced ... in a very good way." Al Larson, Coordinator, Men's Resurrection Experience, October, 2010
  • "I am a young Catholic from the UK, and have just finished watching your series on EWTN, 'Christ the Servant: The Vocation of Deacons'. I have been compelled to write this email, just to say how much I enjoyed the series and how much I have learned about the diaconate. Above all, your enthusiasm for the faith is what will leave a lasting impact on me. May the Holy Spirit continue to touch the lives of many through your good work. " Tom, United Kingdom, EWTN Viewer, September, 2010
  • "I thought your presentation on EWTN was magnificent! Your presentations will go a long way to dispel the many misconceptions of people regarding the Permanent Diaconate. " Paul, Illinois, via 4marks, September, 2010
  • "Congratulations on yet another wonderful series [Christ the Servant: The Vocation of Deacons] on EWTN. I knew almost nothing about deacons before, but now I have a heightened appreciation of their pivotal role in our faith. " Joe, Wisconsin, EWTN Viewer, September, 2010
  • "Praise God that the Holy Spirit used you to speak to me. Listening to your testimony on [Catholic Answers Live] helped me to let go of my controlling personality and let God and the Holy Spirit sit in the driver's seat. [...] I now know that I no longer need to search for my "purpose" in life. I only need to patiently allow God to reveal his perfect plan for my life one day at a time. Thank you so much for your powerful testimony." Alan, Catholic Answers Live Listener, June, 2010
  • "I came across your talk on Christian Fatherhood online that you gave in Johannesburg. I feel really called to marriage, and I want to let you know how much of an impact that talk has had on me.[...] Your witness to the amazing vocation and role of service towards one's wife and children has been the next step for me on becoming a man of Christ and the best husband and father I can be. [...] Thank you again so much for your ministry and your teaching." R.B., Via Facebook, May, 2010
  • "Thanks for coming to Singapore. Thanks for delivering your talks with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You have touched my family and me." Fred, Parishioner, Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Singapore, May, 2010
  • "Your programme is the first that I have attended since becoming a mother ... What you said enabled me to find the truth. Through your talks, I am learning new ways to deepen my faith. Praise God for messengers like you. You have helped a lot." G.C., Parishioner, Church of Divine Mercy, Singapore, May, 2010
  • "Thanks again for a wonderful retreat. The response from the men there was better than I could have ever expected. You continue to inspire. Never stop doing that." David Renshaw, Founder & Executive Director, Real Catholic Men, April, 2010
  • "Thank you! What an awesome set of keynotes and break-out sessions. There was great feedback from the men that your talks had a deep impact on them." Blaine Miller, Conference Organizer, Archdiocese of Dubuque Catholic Men's Conference, April, 2010
  • "I recently returned from my first ever retreat, sponsored by a group called Real Catholic Men. ... The highlights of this retreat were the presentations by the dynamic evangelizing force, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. ... We talked about the confession, adoration, sin, the Eucharist, but mostly we discussed what it meant to be a real Catholic man. It was a truly powerful experience ..." Jeff, Attendee, Real Catholic Men's Retreat, April, 2010
  • "Really.....Really....REALLY enjoyed your talk at the Memphis Diocese Men's Morning of Spirituality!" David, Men's Conference Attendee via Facebook, Men's Morning of Spirituality, Memphis, TN, March, 2010
  • "You have an important apostolate and a wonderful charism for being able to hit hard ... but with humor. There were many men who were alternately laughing and squirming in their seats!" Bob, Men's Conference Attendee via Facebook, Men's Morning of Spirituality, Memphis, TN, March, 2010
  • "Thanks for the excellent and inspiring retreat you gave to us at EWTN! " EWTN Employee via Facebook, EWTN Lenten Retreat, February, 2010
  • "Thank you for another fantastic talk at the Phoenix Men's Conference. The Holy Spirit was really working through you." David, Men's Conference Attendee, Catholic Men's Fellowship of Phoenix, February, 2010
  • "Deacon Harold you are a gift to our Church. You have opened a door for me and my son that will never close...Amen. Once again you showed the Diocese of Phoenix what it takes to be 'ALL IN' [for Jesus]." Thomas, Men's Conference Attendee, Catholic Men's Fellowship of Phoenix, February, 2010
  • "Wow, every time I watch your show [Made in His Image], you end up totally touching me to tears and you are so interesting and profound to listen to - I learn so much. You are one of the more inspiring speakers I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sue, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, February, 2010
  • "Last year's 2009 Lenten Mission, will be forever engraved in the minds and hearts of many as guest speaker Deacon Harold Burke Sivers deeply touched many with his spirit-filled message of God's love." Kevan Knowles, Writer, Bahama Catholic, January, 2010
  • "I recently saw you on EWTN live. I want to tell you listening to you has helped save my life. [...] I have been very sick for over 20 yrs. I have been feeling lost ... I wanted it to end. I saw you speak on the show and I am now going back to God. You spoke of doing God's will [and] I realize I should not feel ashamed but find what God wants me to do. " Andrew, Massachusetts, EWTN Viewer, December, 2009
  • "I saw you on [EWTN] today and I was so encouraged by your enthusiasm and fire for your faith. Just wanted to take the time to tell you how inspiring it is to see men of God like you. God is surely using you to light the fire in all of us!" Sherrie, Washington, EWTN Viewer, December, 2009
  • "I saw you on EWTN here in Sydney, Australia the other day, and I was blown away! You are amazing." Robert, Australia, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, December, 2009
  • "I have been able to see your program on EWTN and I must say the Fire of the Holy Spirit is working in and through you. Its great to see the Permanent Diaconate so well represented by someone such as yourself." Tony, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, December, 2009
  • "I thank you for reminding me of my responsibility and for calling me to be a TRUE man of God. That was incredibly important and was reinforced by the incredible weekend that you shared with us. I believe that God has not only given you the gift to be able to speak eloquently but the personality and character to, instantly, create awe and wonder and admiration before you say a word. I thank God for you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your example and [for allowing] God to use your talent for my benefit." Retreat Participant, Arizona, Men of Iron Catholic Men's Retreat, November, 2009
  • "I've been to numerous conferences and have heard some great speakers, and I have to say you are the best I have ever heard! Every talk I laughed, cried, was joyful and sad!" Retreat Participant, Arizona, Men of Iron Catholic Men's Retreat via Facebook, November, 2009
  • "I saw your 'Made in His Image' show on EWTN today and was blessed immeasurably by it. Please continue to do what you do. Your show is unique, and VERY truthful. It's what we all need to hear. You don't just tell the truth - you proclaim it." Tara, Pennsylvania, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, November, 2009
  • "You have a wonderful and inspiring apostolate!" Mary Jo Anderson,  Catholic Journalist, Author, and Speaker, September, 2009
  • "Greetings from Nigeria! I was listening to you the other day on EWTN. I tell you what, you are great. [...] I need copies of all your talks. I teach in the Seminary and I am sure our students should be taught exactly what you have been espousing." Rev. Fr. Peter Kamai, Nigeria, EWTN Viewer, September, 2009
  • "I heard you this afternoon on EWTN radio [Catholic Answers Live]. You did a tremendous job and I was captivated by the messages and inspiration you shared today. So many of your explanations and insights were truly ground-breaking to me. [...] Actually, everything you said was truly inspirational." Stephanie D., Washington, EWTN Radio Listener, September, 2009
  • "Your clarity and fidelity to [the] Magisterium are truly inspiring. I am watching an episode of 'Made in His Image' and thanking our Holy Lord ... for your inspired instruction and personal examples. [...] We need armies of intelligent, devoted men like yourself to keep us clear on what's what." Leslie R., California, EWTN Viewer, August, 2009
  • "Just want to say [that "Made in His Image" is my] favorite EWTN programme ... You are so clearly in touch with what is right and God-centered. You are clear, concise and passionate & have driven me back to church after a 25 year gap! Thank you!!! " Mark H., United Kingdom, EWTN Viewer, July, 2009
  • "I just wanted to compliment you and your EWTN program "Made in His Image". You are an extraordinary gift to the Catholic Church, bringing the special message of Jesus Christ to the world. Please keep up your important ministry. " Ed L., Hawaii, EWTN Viewer, July, 2009
  • "Thank you so much for your talks! After listening to you, I went home, got rid of my pornography collection, went for confession (while crying a lot!), and spent time before the Blessed Sacrament for more than an hour. [...] You truly are a gifted speaker, in the sense that God really uses you as a vessel to speak to people what He wants them to know. Thank you for coming to Singapore, and thank you for being an instrument of the Lord." Attendee, Theology on Tap, Singapore (via Facebook), Praise@Work, Singapore, July, 2009
  • "Your talk was totally awesome! I was really blown away by it. It's amazing how God works through you, and uses you to speak [and] evangelise to others with your words! Amen to that!" Frank C., Singapore (via Facebook), Church of Saint Francis Xavier, July, 2009
  • "Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy "Made In His Image" on EWTN. Your program is intelligent, inspiring, and you speak the truth." Jerry, Massachusetts, EWTN Viewer, June, 2009
  • "I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed watching your show 'Made in His Image' on EWTN. [...] I learned a lot and was so impressed with what you had to say. [...] You have a gift and I'm so happy and refreshed to see you using it in such a powerful way. " Trisha T., Illinois, EWTN Viewer, June, 2009
  • "Your work on EWTN is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit! Thank you for being such a strong and inspiring light of Truth for the Catholic Church." Monica C., EWTN Viewer via Facebook, May, 2009
  • "Your series 'Behold the Man' was my introduction to EWTN and the beginning of my journey home to the faith. Thanks to your encouragement I was able to become the Catholic husband and father God intended me to be. Thank you." Nicholas C., via Facebook, April, 2009
  • "I'm watching your program ["Made in His Image"] right now on EWTN and I am really filled with joy because of your passion and your orthodoxy. You are truly preaching and teaching the Good News of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (may He be praised)." Fr. Joseph Skelton, Jr., Dauis, Philippines, EWTN Viewer via Facebook, April, 2009
  • "Just saw you on EWTN for the first time on your show "Made in His Image". Just wanted to say that you are an incredibly gifted speaker and teacher! Please keep up the great work!!!" Welsey S., Arizona, EWTN Viewer, March, 2009
  • "Thank you for your provocative, truthful and bible-based speech last night. It was very inspirational." J.B., Nassau, Bahamas, Archdiocese of Nassau Citywide Lenten Mission, March, 2009
  • "I can honestly say [your presentation] was my favorite theological reflection seminar we've had. It was so informative and interesting. ... I really felt as though everything you presented allowed all of us to enter into the Catholic faith with new eyes. ... I have a much better understanding of not just Black Catholicism but universal Catholicism." College Students' Comments, Community Theological Reflection Presentation, University of Portland, February, 2009
  • "Your vivacious disposition and the energy with which you presented was fantastic. Your biblical references to Genesis and inclusion of stories from your experience as a Deacon were insightful and wonderful. You took the discussion in a new direction, one I didn't expect--but was so much better than what I had anticipated. ... Your presence really made the event something special and unique." Student Comments, Intimacy of Relationships Presentation, University of Portland, February, 2009
  • "Your enthusiasm of God's love and to Catholic education was very motivating as you shared your message with our middle school students ... The heartfelt message you shared during our staff in-service was truly magnificent. " Dianne Bert, Principal, O'Hara Catholic School, January, 2009
  • "I loved what he had to say, I loved his passion, and I loved his knowledge ... And, I must say, it is soooooo refreshing to see an African American so passionate about his Catholic faith and teaching our children right from wrong. I believe he has the ability to make a huge impact on our youth. " Parishioner, Family Faith Formation Series, Saint Martha Catholic Church, January, 2009
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. His solid Catholic approach as well as his vivacious delivery kept my ears and heart and soul eager for every word! ... I loved the way Deacon Sivers was able to address so many teachings of our Catholic faith in such a dynamic manner--truly inspiring!" Participant Evaluations, 2008 Catholic Formation & Leadership Conference, November, 2008
  • "I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for an AWESOME presentation last night. ... You have really been blessed by God with both talent and a passion for Truth. Thank you for using your talents in serving God. Thank you for your witness to Truth. " Parishioner, Saint Mary Catholic Church, October, 2008
  • "Just heard your presentation on Teresa Tomeo's radio program. I thank God for clergy like you who are getting the truth out to God's people! It takes a lot of courage to speak the truth ... Thank you so much for your witness! " Sara L., EWTN Radio Listener, 'Catholic Connection' with Teresa Tomeo, October, 2008
  • "Thank you for a fabulous retreat this weekend. I have only been on three retreats for the Diaconate and this was the best. The subject matter and your charisma was the very best. " Deacon John, Retreatant, Diocese of Phoenix Annual Diaconate Retreat, September, 2008
  • "I loved your [talk]; it hit home. Christ is working through you and it touched my heart and soul. I see good changes ahead for me. " John P., Attendee, Real Catholic Men's Conference, June, 2008
  • "Thank you very much for the talks at the [annual diocesan priests'] retreat! You spiritually lifted me up. I thank you for your sincerity and truth in your talks." Fr. Jean Paulin Lockulu, Sitka, Alaska, Diocese of Juneau, May, 2008
  • "You speak the truth so dynamically ... we could've gone on listening to you for another hour or two if it wasn't for homework and sleep. God bless the evangelization and outreach you so passionately do. " Student, Voice for Life, University of Portland, April, 2008
  • "WOW! What an incredible presentation you gave at the Catholic Men's Conference in Phoenix ... It was meaningful, heartfelt, and very motivating ... You have an incredible gift. " Stacy Tetschner, Executive Vice President/CEO, National Speakers Association, February, 2008
  • "Praise the Lord! What an awesome weekend. Thank you so much for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with such passion. Your deep love for the Church has had a great impact on all of us. Thank you for heating things up in our parish and many other parishes throughout our Archdiocese and beyond. Your faithful witness and your zeal for Christ and His Church will be remembered for some time." Maurice Beier, Alberta, Canada, Catholic Family Ministries, February, 2008
  • "I have been to many talks from 'famous' Catholic speakers over the years but your series for married couples tops the list for most informative, relative and humorous!" Jennifer T., Retreatant, Broom Tree Retreat and Conference Center, November, 2007
  • "I wanted to tell you again what a gift you have! You have touched so many people in your talks. My grandson came away with a great insight into what it is to be a man. What you said and the way you said it will strengthen his faith and the choices he has made and will make. " Diane P., Oregon,October, 2007
  • "I was very inspired and touched by your directness and the depth of your message. You spoke to men very passionately regarding their role in leading their children to Christ and the Church. I am filled with hope for our future when I hear a man like you profess your faith." Victoria S., Oregon,October, 2007
  • "I am delighted to have this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed the series ['Behold the Man]: Spirituality for Men' which you hosted. There were so many good things in it which were both practical and of great spiritual value at the same time; I'm sure that lots of men and their wives found the programmes very helpful and a powerful aid in enhancing their marriages." Theresa C., Suffolk, United Kingdom, EWTN Viewer, August, 2007
  • "The Archdiocese of Portland was well represented at the National Black Catholic Congress X held in Buffalo, N.Y. . . [Deacon] Burke-Sivers for-men-only workshop, 'The Eucharistic Heart of Black Catholic Men,' was presented in morning and afternoon sessions on July 13 and was both moving and powerful. " Sam Jackson, Jr. (Catholic Sentinel, Vol. 138, No. 32), African American Catholic Community of Oregon, July, 2007
  • "Your visit and homily to our parish were very uplifting and so down to earth. You reminded us what our responsibilities are to our God, to our families and to our parish, and beautifully laced the readings with what we need to do. Thank you for putting us back on track. I [also] find your website most enriching for my faith." Austin A., Georgia, The Church of the Most Holy Trinity, March, 2007
  • "You are the reason God has touched the hearts of many here, and this massive and rapid evangelization programme that we face is a continuation of what the Holy Spirit began in and through your response to the need in Africa. I cannot personally express the depth of what your contribution for the Church in Africa has inspired in me, and I thank you." Greg Braum, Country Director,Catholic Family Life Centre, South Africa, March, 2007
  • "I met you when you were here for the Catholic Men's Conference and I enjoyed your presentation. You inspired me to drop my dependence on contraception and go with God's will to use natural family planning." Jeff M., Texas, Men's Conference sponsored by the Pilgrim Center of Hope, March, 2007
  • "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I heard you on Catholic Answers this afternoon. What a blessing you are to the Church!!! To hear an inspiring, impassioned, and eloquent Catholic like yourself speak is a rarity indeed." L.O., Washington, Catholic Answers Live Listener, February, 2007
  • "I have seen only a few of your "Behold the Man" shows and I love them! I get so much out of each one and I can relate to almost every word you say! I thank God that I have your show to watch, and please keep up the awesome job!!!" Bruce B., Kentucky, EWTN Viewer, February, 2007
  • "Today I did a radio interview with a very wonderful person. Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers who ministers in Portland, Oregon. It was a great interview. He's a very animated speaker. If you want a sample, he has a video on Google of a talk he gave in Africa ( That is good too. There you can see him at his best." Sr. Patricia, Franciscan Monastery of Saint Clare, Spokane, WA,JoyNotes: Catholic Faith and Inspiration, January, 2007
  • "Words cannot begin to express our gratitude . . . Your passion for proclaiming the truth is contagious and refreshing and is exactly what we've needed to hear . . . We've all been so incredibly blessed by your words." Parish Conference Committee, St. John's Cathedral, Boise, ID, December, 2006
  • "Your talks continue to inspire, and are ones from which we can draw on throughout the year. The guys listen to every word, and your mere presence and witness has a huge impact on people's lives. I continue to see God's work so profound in what you are all about!" Fr. Michael M. DeLaney, C.S.C., Notre Dame High School, November, 2006
  • "You have inspired and blessed us by your presence and teaching. We are convicted that [your] visit is an inspired work for the Church and for family life in crisis here in Africa." Greg and Anne Braum, Country Directors,Catholic Family Life Centre, South Africa, September, 2006
  • "I am very much moved and inspired by your ministry and have been wanting for some time to thank you for making an effort to show the world what God has intended real men to be! " Mark M., Taiwan, EWTN Viewer, August, 2006
  • "I wanted to tell you how deeply I was touched by your message, from the very first episode, right on through to the end. I knew intellectually that Catholic teaching was right regarding marriage/sexuality/manhood but your talks really made me feel the truth of it and planted in me a fervent desire to live out holiness that God asks of us. It seemed to have an immediate effect. Your series seemed to plant in me such a love and devotion to my wife that I really feel as if the Holy Spirit were reaching in and giving me almost a re-conversion experience. Thank you very much for your series!" Matthew T., Nagoya, Japan, EWTN Series Archive Download, July, 2006
  • "You are truly a man of God. You made last weekend so special. I enjoy your spirituality and fervor! I praise God for putting you on this earth to keep us toward the Cross!" Robert C., San Antonio, TX, 2006 Catholic Men's Conference, The Pilgrim Center of Hope, July, 2006
  • "I turned on the TV and discovered your show, 'Behold the Man' on EWTN. You are a great speaker and teacher and I appreciated your thoughtful spiritual comments. Much of what you said touched my heart and mind. I look forward to seeing you again on the TV." Shawn D., New York, EWTN Viewer, May, 2006
  • "I'm very much moved by your presentations. Yesterday I saw through EWTN the 'Behold the Man' [series]. CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing the Church such a wonderful service. " Fr. Ray, Diocese of Kigoma, Tanzania, EWTN Viewer, May, 2006
  • "I was able to catch [Behold the Man] on EWTN. I am certainly impressed with your presentation and subject matter that is designed for men. I pray that you will continue to proclaim the truth with love and I also hope that your ministry will reap a great harvest for souls! " Fr. Richard, Bohol, Philippines, EWTN Viewer, May, 2006
  • "I just want to let you know that I have seen your show [Behold the Man] on TV and I think you are great. You really make people think about their lives." Pawel M., Poland, EWTN Viewer, May, 2006
  • "I find 'Behold the Man' to be profound Truth, totally in alignment with the Catechism, yet passionately delivered from an applied perspective in the American culture of the present. I thank God for you, and giving your gifts to the Church. I consider you the TD Jakes of The Catholic Church! " Kevin B., Maryland, EWTN Viewer, May, 2006
  • "I stumbled onto [Behold the Man] and was greatly rewarded for the few minutes that I watched and listened. It [was] awesome and threw me off my seat. Have you ever thought of coming over to Africa? We seriously need you here. " Christopher N., Kano, Nigeria, EWTN Viewer, April, 2006
  • "Thank you for letting God speak through you tonight. It was a pleasure to hear the truth of the Word of God spoken from your mouth to a [culture] that is in such need of a renewal of purity and righteousness." Student, University of Portland, March, 2006
  • "Your TV series 'Behold the Man' is outstanding and uplifting. The Holy Spirit is speaking through you with this powerful teaching for men. " Louis M., New York, EWTN Viewer, March, 2006
  • "I just saw your show on EWTN, Behold the Man, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I think it is EXACTLY what guys are looking for. It is so great to see a man talking to other men about what it means to be a man of God and to be like Christ. What you're doing is wonderful!" Lauren W., Ohio, EWTN Viewer, March, 2006
  • "I am watching 'Behold the Man' right now and it is just great, dynamic teaching! I believe this will deepen the faith of many men and add many to the Church. These shows inspire and will, without a doubt, help many men to become better husbands and fathers." Trish Short, Founder and Director, Artists for Life, March, 2006
  • "Your talks deeply touched all those who were present at the Crusade, especially the youth. You are truly an inspiration to all of us here." Fr. Roberto Garza, Pastor,San Isidro Catholic Church/Word & Life Catholic Ministry, Pompano Beach, FL., February, 2006
  • "I want to thank you because you have really made me excited about wanting to deepen my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. I really needed to see some enthusiasm and sincere excitement about God and my Church and you gave me that. Thank you." Anthony P.,Bellingham, WA, January, 2006
  • "I was very moved by your talk . . . God bless your good work and I sincerely hope to be able to listen to you again in person." Doris F., Parishioner, St. Ignatius, Singapore, November, 2005
  • "I must say that your talk has been a very inspiring one and that I will definately look into my life as to how I can carry out God's will." Shaun P., Attendee, Christ@Work Conference, Singapore, November, 2005
  • "Thank you so much for offering to share your evening with so many families here. Your passion for our faith and its truths in Jesus Christ was my special take-away." Lesley D., Parishioner, St. Ignatius, Singapore, November, 2005
  • "I truly appreciate your visit to St. Francis Xavier Church, which I believe has deepened the knowledge and understanding of the people here." Eugene B., Parishioner, St. Francis Xavier Church, Petaling Jaya-Selangor, Malaysia, November, 2005
  • "Thank you for sharing your mission with us here. I was inspired and motivated by your commitment to and love of the church and you have had a profound impact on my own thoughts. " Sandra F.,Singapore, November, 2005
  • "Thank you for your wonderful presentation on EWTN. I am praising God for what I have heard. I have been praying for this type of thing for men for years. I am thrilled to see the real depth of their spirituality come alive through your work." Patty H., California, EWTN Viewer, November, 2005
  • "What a gift you are to us. Many people asked for you to return. Thank you so much for just about the most inspiring Theology on Tap speaker we've ever had!" Maria Z., Alabama,Theology on Tap, November, 2005
  • "I have just finished watching EWTN Live where you were the guest of Fr. Mitch Pacwa. It was so awesome to hear you reiterate the Truth with so much passion and honesty. The love for God is obviously present within you. " Leonard M., EWTN Viewer, November, 2005
  • "You are too awesome for words. What a dynamic spirit-filled preacher-teacher you are! God has blessed you in a tremendous way. " Marietta G., EWTN Viewer, November, 2005
  • "The Spirit of God truly flows through you. Thank you for sharing your Faith. You're inspiring! " Deanne T., British Columbia, Canada,September, 2005
  • "Thank you for your gift of speaking the word of God. You are truly inspirational! " Mary A., British Columbia, Canada,September, 2005
  • "Congratulations for your evangelization way. Yesterday I saw your interview in EWTN, it was wonderful! The strong Catholic principles about the family and the father role. Que Dios y la Santasima Virgen Maria lo bendigan." Ivan B., Bogata, Columbia, EWTN Viewer, August, 2005
  • "I have heard you on the EWTN network and I praise our Lord for your existence. I am so impressed with your deliverance of our beautiful faith and your knowledge of scripture. You have been so gifted! Thank you for becoming a deacon, we need more like you." Elizabeth B., Texas, EWTN Viewer, June, 2005
  • "Thank you so much for speaking at our conference! You are a dynamic speaker with a powerful message! We ALL loved you! Conference attendees wanted to hear more!! It was perfect! " Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director, Oregon Right to Life, April, 2005
  • "I saw you on EWTN's 'Life on the Rock' and I just want to tell you that you are awesome! You have a fire in you that I rarely see but I know it is real! Jason Evert and Father Stan [Fortuna] have it and you have it. Keep up the great work of God." Christine D., Rhode Island, EWTN Viewer, April, 2005
  • "I saw you on 'Life on the Rock' last night and I loved your message. You have a great way of bringing the joy of Catholic life to people who may not fully understand how great the Church is. God bless you!" Richard R., Florida, EWTN Viewer, April, 2005
  • "I just saw you and Gloria [Purvis] on EWTN and am compelled to write and thank you for your incredible ministry in the Catholic faith. It is people like you who have embraced their vocations and learned the faith with such cognizance that you inspire others. May God bless you abundantly and lead you to all those who are in most need of your gifts. " Mary M., California, EWTN Viewer, April, 2005
  • "I really enjoyed your appearance on EWTN. You're an inspiration--a powerful channel of the Spirit's work. God bless all your efforts! " William S., Indiana, EWTN Viewer, April, 2005
  • "Where do we begin to say thank you. You are a gift to woman, to man, to the Church. I am sure the Good Lord has great plans for you. You are fire, wind, hope, truth, anointed and loved!" Cheryl Foti, Founder,Embrace the Children, March, 2005
  • "You spoke not only with great energy and clarity, but entertained us as well! Your example as a Catholic as well as a public speaker was truly an inspiration." Christopher Ludwikoski, Secretary,Holy Rosary Junior Toastmasters Club, March, 2005
  • "Your insights and ability to convey the "theology of the body" and related issues are sorely needed in our culture today. " Ruth Andreas, Editor,The Domestic Church, November, 2004
  • "You have so much to offer this culture in the way of a credible and relevant message. I know that God will use this gift as you continue to take the truth of the Church outside her walls in many powerful ways." Trish Short, Founder and Director, Artists for Life, October, 2004
  • "I just wanted to thank you for some really inspirational and motivational words that you shared with our young men. It was special." Sue W., Notre Dame High School, September, 2004
  • "Thank you for visiting Notre Dame this week and delivering such a strong presentation on Male Spirituality. You are quite the talent in blending the charisma of a protestant minister with the tradition and truth of the Catholic faith. I gained a great deal from your talk and was provided some more insight into what deacons actually do." Jared J,, Student, University of Notre Dame, September, 2004
  • "As I watched you on EWTN, I couldn't help but notice that burning passion you have for our Lord & for truth. Please keep up this wonderful work. You were most inspiring." Pat M., California, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how knocked out I was with your appearance on EWTN Live tonight. " Mike B., Georgia, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I saw you on EWTN tonight and was dazzled with your energy,clarity of thought, and sense of commitment to the faith. Wow!" Glenn P., Pennsylvania, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "Loved you on EWTN last night. I've never seen such evangelical/charismatic love for our faith or any other!" Jeanne G., Florida, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I'm watching a rerun of your interview on EWTN this morning. I have enjoyed it immensely and am so grateful we have your voice in our wonderful Church. I thank God for you . . . Keep up the great work!" Kathy S., Indiana, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I'm just writing to encourage and affirm you. I heard you on EWTN on Wednesday night. God bless you! The witness of your faith and conviction as a faithful Catholic are very encouraging. " Deacon Marc G., Ontario, Canada, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "My husband and I saw your appearance on EWTN-Phenomenal! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work - boy, do we need you! Thank you for following God's call so passionately. " Gwen D., Pennsylvania, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "Watching you on EWTN Live has given me a great deal of hope. You are clearly a man of the Church, on fire with the spirit with a heart of love for the Holy Father and the Church's teachings. God bless you for what you do, and thank you for being an incredible example of diaconal ministry." Bill V., Massachusetts, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "God bless you and all that you do for our Lord!!! My husband and I truly enjoyed your talk with Father on EWTN. Your enthusiasm for our Lord is awesome. We need more Catholic men like you and you are an inspiration to us all. God bless you and your family always. We love you!!!" Richard & Geri. H., Texas, EWTN Viewers, July, 2004
  • "I just saw you on TV and was moved to tears with joy in my heart to hear you speak about the Catholic Church and all of its blessings. I embraced you in my imagination as someone who loves Jesus and serves HIS church. God love you, be with you, and return to you HIS abundant blessings for your work. We need many many more like you." Norman F., Mississippi, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I was very inspired by your interview on EWTN, and was glad to hear that you have such great love for our Holy Father. God Bless you for being 'the Conservative Deacon.'" Fr. Janusz K., South Dakota, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "Cannot find enough words to say 'Thank You' for what you are doing. You are truly a messenger for God and our Church. " Bernie M., New Jersey, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "My fiance saw 'Male Spirituality' on EWTN and I got to see a rebroadcast. He's never really stepped out and tried to be pro-active with his faith until after seeing this broadcast. This of course thrills me to no end. Thank you for being bold and so encouraging. I've been searching for someone who is on fire for God and who would relate to my fiance. You came on the [television] and it was like seeing a miracle unfold before my very eyes. Thanks a million!" Kodi N., Nebraska, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I watched your presentation on EWTN Live yesterday, and, quite simply, I was struck by the gift God has given you to speak his truth to his flock. " Dan H., Indiana, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "I watched you on EWTN Live last night and was just filled with encouragement and my love for my Catholic faith deepened. Thank you." Norman R., Illinois, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "Thank you for your talk with Fr. Francis at EWTN. It really opened my eyes about male spirituality. Awesome!" Jason L., Philippines, EWTN Viewer, July, 2004
  • "It was so good to have you as a presenter. [You are] truly a man after God's own heart." Valerie Washington, Executive Director, The National Black Catholic Congress, May, 2004
  • "Thank you for the gift you brought to us here in Indy. I left feeling really proud that I was Catholic." Diane Schafer, Director of Religious Education,St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, Indianapolis, IN., April, 2004
  • "In addition to being one of the most sought after public safety experts in the U.S., Deacon Harold runs a fledgling apostolate, Aurem Cordis, and has guested a couple of times recently on Catholic Answers Live. He is also one of the most dynamic young Catholic speakers and thinkers around, so if ever get a chance to hear him speak, definitely do so." Carl E. Olson, Co-Author, The Da Vinci Hoax: The Truth About Jesus, Christianity, Mary Magdalene and The Davinci Code, March, 2004
  • "You are a true disciple for Christ. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to listen and learn as you gave witness to the love of our Lord and the difference He will make in one's life, if one's heart is open to the Truth." Shirley W., Parishioner, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Camas, WA., March, 2004
  • "Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers led a men's retreat on male spirituality at St. Thomas Parish last month. Father Derek Lappe says the deacon is a 'powerful preacher' and 'brings a great love of Jesus Christ and the Church' to his sermons." Catholic Sentinel, Vol.135, No.7, quoting the pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Camas, WA., February, 2004
  • "Thanks again for doing such a terrific job on Catholic Answers Live. I felt it was one of our better shows in quite a while. The passion and enthusiasm for the faith that you bring to everything you do is a real blessing." Jerry Usher, Catholic Answers Live, February, 2004
  • "I wanted to thank you again for the generous gift of your time and talent as a workshop presenter at the conference. The conference was very successful which was evident by the enthusiasm and comments people made on the evaluation forms. Many blessings on your ministry and I hope you will consider being a presenter for our conference again in the future." Cathy Shannon, Director,Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, November, 2003
  • "Many thanks for being our guest on "Catholic Answers Live" last week. It was an excellent show (in fact, my producer selected it as "show of the week" to send to some of our affiliates that air us only once a week on a taped basis). We'll be anxious to have you back on the program." Jerry Usher, Catholic Answers Live, September, 2003
  • "Great job at Theology on Tap. Wonderful content, testimony, and anecdotes. I really enjoyed it and was challenged by it." Carl. E. Olson, Author, Will Catholics Be Left Behind? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers, July, 2003
  • "Burke-Sivers has a style that makes the truth both accessible and inspiring."  Envoy Magazine, August, 2002
  • "I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful presentation to my youth! I've already started to hear feedback from parents. Kids have actually been talking about it. So you know that you were fabulous! All of my adults were impressed with you, too. You were worth every cent! Thanks once again and blessings to you on your ministry!" Kathy Fedr, MTS, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, St. Cecilia Church,April, 2002
  • "I listened to your entire tape and found it to be quite compelling. You are an exceptional speaker. Thank you for offering the gift of yourself to the world." Camille Pauley, M.A., President and CEO, Healing the Culture, March, 2002

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